News and events of the affiliate program

Good afternoon, dear affiliates!


We have made considerably easier the work with financial part in the affiliate program.


The following changes have been added:


- Templates of payments


The feature of templates has been added. It allows to save your invoice details which is used for withdraw funds. As a result of it, you may apply the template no entering invoice details again.

The form of work with templates is located on the right side to the panel of withdraw order. Click "Create" for creating a template; enter your invoice details and name of the template in opened window. Then save the template. After all, you can edit or delete it. You can just click on the template for applying it. Details of the template will be moved into the panel of withdraw order. You can order your available payment after all.


- Dividing withdraw requests


This feature will simplify the creation of withdraw requests. At the moment, instead several requests you can create only one withdraw request with higher amount. The limit is your available payment.

To use this feature, you should check the box "Split payment" in the panel of withdraw order, and enter the amount which you want to order. Therefore, the major request will be divided on several sub-requests with reduced amounts. You can watch all of them in the payment history.

Withdraw requests are showed with the application mark "Show details" in the payment history, when you divide payments. If you click on it, the list of withdraw sub-requests will open, and you can familiarize with each of sub-request, its amounts and relevant status.